Nissan Altima ($32,595)

Staff divided on whether creamy decorative plastic trim is handsome or cheap; front edge of headliner is frayed.

Nissan Maxima ($38,750) WINNER

Wonderful attention to detail, innovative thinking, bold colors and knurled metallic trim truly stand out.

Nissan Titan XD ($63,270)

Extra points for nicely finished seatbacks and remote light check for trailering, but faux woodgrain film is disappointing.

Porsche Macan S ($73,320)

Artistic use of carbon-fiber trim on IP and doors, but Porsche’s next-generation interior needs fewer buttons.

Ram Rebel ($53,275)

Cabin for buyer who considers himself a rebel; tire-tread textured seat fabric enhances off-road image; hot red accents very cool.

Scion iA ($16,470)

Sophisticated interface makes this a well-connected car; Toyota does good job dressing up a budget-minded compact.

Scion iM ($20,334)

Good-looking interior at great-looking price; would have been in contention if Scion brand weren’t on death row.

Toyota Prius Four ($33,125)

Risky play sandwiching porcelain-white center console between black fabric seats; please pass the Oreos.

Toyota RAV4 ($35,245)

Roomy second row and cavernous cargo hold; butterscotch and black a fine combo; seat comfort on par with Lexus RX.

Toyota Tacoma ($36,630)

Poor fit-and-finish and cheap plastic manual gear shifter looks ancient; orange trim on IP is cool but out of place.

VW Passat ($37,655)

Spacious, well-executed interior for five in this German car, built in America; high-quality materials throughout.

Volvo XC90 Hybrid ($84,005) WINNER

Top-notch materials: leather, aluminum, crystal, even high-grade plastics; same interior available in less-expensive non-hybrid.