PARIS – Less is more when it comes to creating the perfect car seat, Lexus says as it reveals a concept made entirely of webbing.

Dubbed the ‟spider web-pattern net,ˮ the seat-frame upholstery consists of synthetic threads that radiate from the center of the backrest. Lexus claims the net is flexible enough to closely fit the shape of the body while dispersing the weight to improve comfort for prolonged drives.

The center of the back rest is at shoulder-blade height which, induces rotational movement of the chest around the seat’s pivotal axis, helping keep the head stable and ensure a high level of support. At the same time, the seat’s slimmer design reduces weight, the automaker says.

Ecological credentials also are cited, with the back rest’s spider’s-netting construction made from an environmentally friendly synthetic spider silk material instead of standard petroleum-derived materials.

Japanese biotech company Spiber developed the fiber, called Qmonos, which is made of protein created using microbial fermentation that is then spun and processed into a material with advanced shock-absorption properties.