The Canadian Auto Workers union says it will ask locals at all General Motors, Ford and Chrysler operations to form strike committees this week and begin preparations for strike actions, as the current labor contracts with the three auto makers near their Sept. 17 expirations.

In a leaflet distributed at all Detroit Three plants in Canada today, the CAW expresses its dissatisfaction with negotiations thus far, saying bargaining committees heading talks with each of the three auto makers all “have come up against the same barrier.

“The corporations are refusing to add any costs whatsoever – instead, they insist on cutting costs from our existing agreements,” the union says. “Worse still, the corporations fail to recognize the sacrifices our members at General Motors, Chrysler and Ford made during the economic crisis.”

The CAW says the auto makers are insisting anything adding cost must be paid for in savings elsewhere.

“This message has been repeated in every subcommittee, at every local table and in every master meeting,” says the CAW, which so far has not announced a strike target. “There is little doubt that this is a co-ordinated effort by the three companies.”

The union says it is still hopeful a contract can be reached with one of the auto makers prior to the deadline, but adds, “We must be prepared though to shut down operations at all three.”