PARIS – Renault introduces its new 5-door Clio with flourish at the auto show here, with CEO Carlos Ghosn taking the stage along with several dozen engineers, designers, technicians and line workers from Flins, where some of the cars will be assembled.

The Zoe and Clio dominate the auto maker’s stand for press days, but the Clio, which is essential to rebounding sales, is the real subject of Ghosn's remarks. "Our ambition is growing our sales and financial health," he says, noting Renault's strategy is based on design, innovation, the environment and quality.

The all-new Clio, the fourth model to bear the name, offers five new engines that are more efficient than those of the Clio III. The 90-hp diesel, for example, emits less than 100 g/km of carbon-dioxide.

Ghosn says that in 2013 Renault’s global fleet average will be 120 g/km, a figure that counts the 0 g/km of the Zoe, Twizy, Fluence ZE and Kangoo ZE electric vehicles.

The Clio's styling, based on the DeZir concept car, is the first full car design under the direction of Laurens van den Acker. It’s modern and flashy, with a gloss-black plastic bump strip on the sides and rear doors, whose handles are nearly invisible next to the C-pillar.