Australian performance-car builder Holden Special Vehicles is changing the naming system for its next model range and will adopt a title that is as modern as spiky hair and tattoos galore: GEN-F.

Sales and Marketing Director Tim Jackson says HSV is ending its tradition of using a series nomenclature – E Series 1, E Series 2, E Series 3 – to overcome potential legal and marketing clashes over the use of F Series, a monicker evocative of the F1 name already used by Grand Prix racing.

“It was obvious from the beginning that we were going to have to adjust our approach, because F Series or F1 wasn’t going to work,” Jackson says in a statement.

“We had three basic objectives. Firstly, we needed to ensure we referenced our vehicle’s relationship with Holden’s VF. Secondly, we have a new-generation vehicle, so we wanted to use language that people would find easily relatable. And finally, we wanted it to be simple.”

The new range with its new name launches May 15, about a month before it appears in showrooms.

“GEN-F almost picked itself,” Jackson says.