In a memo sent to supervisors and top managers Thursday, Ford Motor Co. Executive Vice President-The Americas Mark Fields outlines key issues concerning the handling of white-collar employee buyouts.

A Ford employee reportedly leaked the memo to a Detroit newspaper.

The auto maker has said it is seeking to reduce its white-collar headcount by some 10,000 workers.

In his message, Fields confirms voluntary acceptance rates of buyout packages are better than projected.

However, he does not mention that the high number of white-collar workers signing up for voluntary buyouts has moved the auto maker to revoke some offers, as media reports have suggested.

Employees will be notified by Feb. 27 as to whether their separation offer can be granted, Fields says. The deadline to accept voluntary salaried separation ended Feb. 19.

For those who have accepted an unconditional offer to leave the company, Fields tells managers it is important to complete the “Knowledge Retention Toolkit,” which he says is used “to capture critical knowledge.”

If buyout objectives are not met in some departments, involuntary separations will be implemented, he says, adding that should involuntary separations be necessary, they will follow the conclusion of the voluntary programs.

Meanwhile, Fields urges managers to “be accessible and supportive of their team” and to make sure employees “know what is expected of them and help them deliver their objectives.”