Mexico production jumped 13.6% in June to 279,559 units, buoyed by a 16.3% gain in builds for export and a 3.1% uptick in domestic output.

The Detroit Three auto makers’ production was up 10.3% last month to 134,262. Chrysler Mexico output swelled 24.0% to 41,201, while General Motors Mexico and Ford Mexico saw builds rise 8.6% and 1.4%, respectively.

Among Asian auto makers, Honda Mexico production skyrocketed 92.9% to 5,034. Nissan Mexico and Toyota Mexico output was up 9.9% and 1.1%, respectively.

Volkswagen Mexico, the only German auto maker producing in large volume in the country, saw production increase 24.6% to 60,504.

Total light-vehicle sales in Mexico in June jumped 10.6% vs. like-2011 to 78,357, with car deliveries rising 9.0% to 50,287 and light-truck sales climbing 13.7% to 28,070.

The Detroit Three combined for a 13.5% improvement in car sales to 16,640 units, led on a volume basis by GM’s 14.3% increase to 11,379. On a percentage basis, Ford was the winner, posting a 14.5% jump to 2,834. Chrysler car deliveries rose 8.5% to 2,427.

Asian auto makers posted a 15.6% gain in new-car sales to 19,033 units. Toyota deliveries soared 41.3% to 1,931, while Honda sales increased 6.4% to 1,353. Volume leader Nissan saw a 16.3% jump in June to 13,712.

European auto makers combined for a 2.5% shortfall in car sales to 14,614 units. VW deliveries slid 2.3% to 10,617, while Fiat Mexico’s sales swelled 68.9%, albeit on just 300 units.

Among individual car nameplates, standouts in June included the Ford Fusion, up 78.1%, Chevrolet Aveo, up 75.5%, Honda Civic, up 161.0%, and Nissan Altima, up 100.9%.

In the light-truck segment, Detroit Three deliveries fell 9.2% to 11,447 units. Ford and GM sales slumped 23.2% and 15.3%, respectively, while Chrysler posted a 9.5% gain.

Asian auto makers sold 13,125 light trucks in June, a 36.1% increase compared with year-ago. Nissan sales were up 24.3% to 6,170 units, while Honda deliveries spiked 137.5% to 2,841. Toyota light-truck sales jumped 58.3% to 2,525.

Light-truck sales among European auto makers climbed 43.6% to 3,498. Renault performed well on a percentage and volume basis, posting a gain of 168.3% to 1,134.

Mexico’s top-selling light trucks in June included the Ford F-Series, up 20.9%, GMC Terrain, up 150.7%, and Toyota Tacoma, up 121.7%.