TURIN – Peugeot has its eye on the growing luxury-car market in China, where it will unveil its Exalt Concept, a peek at a potential flagship model of the future, at the Beijing Auto Show this month.

The concept car suggests a new kind of 5-door, fastback, high-tail architecture in a fairly compact package for the China market. It measures 185.0 ins. (4,700 mm) in overall length, is 51.6 ins. (1,310 mm) tall and rolls on 20-in. wheels.

The bodywork consists mostly of stainless steel, with a sharkskin textile material at the rear. Peugeot says the skin improves aerodynamics.

Also distinctive is the car’s new black-light system that enhances visibility under certain conditions, such as at dawn or dusk.

The Exalt’s hybrid powertrain consists of a 266-hp 1.6L turbocharged gasoline engine borrowed from the RCA R sports car and a 50-kW (67-hp) electric motor driving the rear axle.

The powertrain is governed by Peugeot’s Hybrid 4, artificial intelligence that selects the most appropriate use of power and traction or propulsion, ranging from all-electric drive at the rear wheels to gasoline power at the front wheels to both motors driving all four wheels.

The interior design is positively modern and, as far as materials are concerned, thematically in line with the exterior design. The emphasis is on natural material, from wool-based “chine” and sophisticated fabrics to fine leather, and simple surfaces. The overall effect is that of a private lounge.