Russian new-vehicle sales rise 5% in October to 253,732 units, compared with year-ago, but the industry sees a slowdown ahead.

The Association of European Businesses’ automobile manufacturers committee says the result pushed the 10-month total up 13% to 2,441,663 units.

The committee says the market is slowing. “For a while now, the market has been feeling a cooldown in consumer appetite,” committee Chairman Joerg Schreiber says in a statement.

“By contrast, retail registrations are still performing above prior-year level, supported by robust order banks generated in the first half of the year and a visible increase in market incentives in recent weeks.

“Current new-order intake, however, is generally slower compared to the same period one year ago, and will impact sales performance in the coming months.”

But Schreiber says some consolidation had been foreseen for second-half 2012 and with only a few weeks remaining until year’s end, the committee’s sales forecast of 2.85 million units for the full year remains intact.

Lada reversed a recent trend with a 2% increase in sales in October to 50,022 units, but was down 9% to 449,164 through the first 10 months.

Chevrolet continued to run a strong second, with deliveries climbing 24% to 18,724 units and a 10-month total up 22% to 172,718. Ford remained in ninth place after a 15% drop last month to 9,640 units and year-to-date deliveries growing 13% to 105,517.

The AvtoVaz-Renault-Nissan saw a 2% uptick to 80,031 units in October and after 10 months was up 2% to 743,583.

Volkswagen Group followed, seeing October sales jump 21% to 26,889 units for a year-to-date total surging 46% to 260,985.

Third-place General Motors, comprising Chevrolet, Opel and Cadillac, saw October deliveries rise 18% to 25,398 units for a running total up 22% to 242,045.

Opel raised sales 6% to 6,557 units in October for a 10-month total up 23% to 67,562. Cadillac deliveries jumped 48% to 117 but were down 19% on the year to 1,765.

Lada models were the three biggest sellers for the month and year-to-do-date. Ford Focus deliveries tumbled 21% for sixth place in October with 6,731 units but maintained fifth place after 10 months on a 15% increase to 76,063.

The Chevrolet Cruze held ninth place, with October sales spiking 71% to 5,864 units and its 10-month total up 70% to 52,312.