Toyota U.K. introduces an end-of-life recycling program that ensures vehicles are responsibly and efficiently disposed of while owners are paid a fair price.

The auto maker says Rewarding Recycling gives customers peace of mind and ensures the recycling meets the highest environmental standards and is in line with legal requirements.

The first step for owners wanting to dispose of their Toyota or other make of vehicle is to visit a dedicated website where they can input their vehicle registration number and postcode, generating an instant valuation for their car.

They then select their preferred Toyota center for dropping off their vehicle and at the time of the hand-over they are given a personal information number. Entering this PIN online automatically generates payment of the agreed vehicle value to the customer’s bank account.

After being taken to the Toyota center, the vehicle will be collected for final disposal by Autogreen, the auto maker’s end-of-life vehicle-recycling partner since 2005.

Thomas Rosselle, Toyota corporate social responsibility and environmental affairs manager, says Autogreen ensures recyclable vehicle parts and materials are recovered and any waste generated is disposed of safely.

“We’ve introduced Rewarding Recycling not only to make the job of disposing of their car simpler for customers, but also to ensure the process is done in an environmentally responsible way,” he says in a statement.