Volvo says the S60 Polestar concept, to be unveiled at next week’s Los Angeles auto show, is “arguably the most glamorous and lightning quick” concept car the auto maker has ever produced.

Developed in conjunction with Sweden-based Polestar, Volvo’s performance partner, the concept is powered by a turbocharged, inline 6-cyl. engine producing 508 hp and 424 lb.-ft. (574 Nm) of torque.

“We approached this project by looking at the production Volvo S60 as a platform for a potential race car, and the culmination of that data went into the design of S60 Polestar concept,” Jan Andersson, Polestar chief engineer, says in a statement.

The concept is based on a S60 chassis that has been lowered, widened and reinforced. It boasts a Haldex all-wheel-drive system and Ohlins suspension that Volvo says makes the car suitable for high-performance and long-distance driving.