2.4L DI I-4 182 hp (Chevy Equinox)

+ Terrific bread-and-butter engine

- Can GM produce enough of them?

= A very pleasant surprise

2.8L turbo V-6 300 hp (Cadillac SRX)

+ New larger compressor adds 20 hp

- Enough power for Cadillac CUV buyers?

= Old-school turbo lag

3.0L DI V-6 270 hp (Cadillac CTS)

+ Proof that downsizing works

- Smaller engine, less power

= Newly bred for workhorse duties

3.6L DI V-6 304 hp (CTS Sport Wagon)

+ Still a proud achievement

- Mileage just doesn’t stack up

= Caught standing still

5.3L Vortec AFM V-8 326 hp (GMC Sierra)

+ AFM improves mileage, slightly

- How long can pushrods survive?

= Even T-Rex faced extinction

6.2L AFM V-8 400 hp (Chevy Camaro SS)

+ A voice like butta

- Never close to 25-mpg highway rating

= Nice to have you back, Camaro