When considering auto-loan applications, banker Scott McKim has a problem dealing with so-called Generation Y consumers.

Born between 1977 and 1994, this group numbers about 77 million and has strong feelings about wanting a car-buying experience that is streamlined and hassle-free.

That includes how they want the credit-application process set up.

“They don’t want to talk on the phone; they want to text,” says McKim, a senior vice president of Huntington National Bank in Columbus, OH. “They want to use their smart phones to text in a loan application.”

That falls under the category of making loan applications a little too easy. So, McKim tells them they can’t do that. But then he starts thinking about the future.

“You may laugh at the idea of texting in a loan application, but this may be the way it will be done soon,” he tells Ward’s at the recent National Remarketing Conference in San Diego.

Some generational differences are striking when it comes to car-buying, McKim says.

Twenty-something consumers want to get in and out of a dealership, preferring to spend the bulk of their time online researching and shopping for cars.

“On the other hand, my mom is someone from a generation that wants to go to the dealership,” he says. “It’s interesting. If you ask the same question of four different generation groups, you’ll get four different answers.”