GM To Produce SSR, Evoq Roadsters General Motors Corp.'s Chevrolet SSR concept performance pickup will move into production late in 2002 as an '03 model. And, as expected, so too will Cadillac Div.'s Evoq high-performance roadster.

Pricing is not determined for SSR, but based on its anticipated specification and appeal, a healthy number above $30,000 is expected.

The retro-styled 2-seater pickup already is labeled by some as a Corvette truck. The concept SSR is powered by a 6L, 300-hp V-8, but sources say a more advanced V-8 may be selected for the production vehicle. It will feature other high-performance attributes such as large wheels, sport suspension and beefier brakes. Sources say the SSR may be an ideal candidate for composite body panels.

GM won't say where it will be built, but sources say it definitely will be at a GM facility. Leading candidates for project oversight are Magna International Inc. and ASC Inc. Magna reportedly is making a strong bid to win the project and is rumored to be looking for a niche vehicle to build at GM's Ste. Therese, Que., plant, which has no new product after 2002. ASC is mentioned as a possibility because of its convertible mechanism technology.

Meanwhile, Cadillac releases official photos of the Evoq roadster, which it says will be built on "the next generation of GM's performance car architecture," i.e. the next version of the Corvette, as Evoq will be built at Corvette's Bowling Green, KY, assembly plant.

The company expects to sell 3,000 to 7,000 Evoqs in the first year, at a price of around $75,000 to $85,000. Production begins in August 2002.