Suppliers, can you foresee a time when your company no longer does business with the U.S. Big Three?

  • “Big Three companies expect quality and superlative customer support, but in sourcing new business the only thing that matters is cost. Marginal or disliked suppliers will still get the business if they are the low quote. What happened to building relationships?”

  • “Big Three not willing to pay for best technology.”

  • “It is horrible to do business with Ford Motor Co. Ford does not allow its suppliers to make any profit.”

  • “Payment is always more than 90 days, contracts are now open to change, they force regulations they don’t use, etc.”

  • “The Big Three will be gone due to competition. They can’t compete with others due to legacy costs.”

  • “I believe the Big Three will always be our main target even if import car makers continue to gain market share.”

OEMs, can you foresee a time when some suppliers refuse to do business with the U.S. Big Three?

  • “Eventually profits shrink to point where it does not make sense to do business.”

  • “Since 2000, supplier-buyer trust is broken, no long-term relationship exists now.”

  • “We are no longer ethical. Suppliers will not profit from the business.”

  • “Refusal is only a short-term reaction. Suppliers, like OEMs, must eventually take a global perspective to remain competitive.”