Future General Motors Corp. vehicles may offer a bizarre option: goo.

GM's Kevin Kolpasky, a senior creative engineer who combs the supplier ranks for eccentric vehicle items, says it would take about one year for the water-based goo — similar to the stuff that children play with — to be readied for automotive use.

The goo was showcased in a fullsize pickup truck in place of a cup holder, showing its ability to hold objects of varying sizes in place.

Mr. Kolpasky, part of the newly formed Design & Technology Fusion team, also foresees the use of goo to secure luggage and heavy cargo in sport/utility vehicles.

His display includes a Chevy Suburban featuring three interior dome lights shining in red, green or blue. The lights double as speakers and augment the exterior speakers disguised along the lower third of the Suburban's door panels.

On the practical side, Mr. Kolpasky shows a Chevy Silverado pickup with a step that flips out of the wheel rim. “On the rear wheel it makes it easier to get stuff out of the cargo box. On the front wheel, it makes it easier to clean off the windshield.”