Dealer Doubts Ford Would Replace Wheels I enjoyed Steve Finlay's June column about the revamped J.D. Power CSI survey. The part about replacing the pitted wheels at the end is a bit false though. In these days of warranty audits and reviews I am not sure that Ford Motor Co. is going to let somebody have wheels. If it were up to us to be problem.

Keep up the fantastic insights.

Dave Jake Pioneer Ford Lynden, WA

P.S. I do have like-service loaners for people and for the most part it does make them happy, although quite expectant and demanding at times.

Dealership's Accessories Sales Revenues Seem Too High Your June 1999 article about Dave Smith Motors tells us they sell $300,000 to $400,000 in MoPar accessories monthly yet they only report $2,137,788 in 1998 parts sales. My calculation says they can only sell $178,149 per month with no room for anything other than accessories. What gives?

Those numbers might be possible at Earnhardt's Gilbert Dodge with parts sales of $12,885,363 but not $2,137,788. Do the math!

Rick Monteiro Jack Powell Dodge Escondido, CA

New York Dealership Deserves Place on Ward's 500 Please find enclosed copies of our Ward's Dealer Business 500 entry forms for 1998.

As we discussed, the fax was never received by you, and accordingly was not included in the top 500 list. Had you received my fax, we would definitely been on the list. Additionally, our strong performance in used-car sales would have placed us 19th on that Top 20 list.

It is unfortunate that all our hard work was not recognized due to a lost fax. We also discussed that you received our first submission but requested the breakdown by dealership. This shows we tried to be included and receive appropriate recognition. I would appreciate your help in obtaining the recognition that our employees deserve for all their hard work. Rest assured we will be on next year's list!

Robert Cottrell Controller Major Chevrolet Long Island City, NY

Editor's note: Major's performance for 1998 would have placed it 382 on the latest Ward's Top 500. The dealership reported new-vehicle sales of $16 million (on 680 units), used-vehicle sales of $48.3 (on 3,360 units), F&I income of $3 million, service department sales of $1.8 million, parts and accessories sales of $4 million for a total of $73.2 million.