Go Easy On Us

Not all editors are idiots. Likewise, not all UAW members are lazy. Some have worked hard and given their lives to a company that recognizes them and has paid them well. Few of us have gotten rich, but we've done well for ourselves.

Drew Winter said he worked for a supplier for a summer (see WAW — Nov. '05, p.5), but try it for 30-plus years. It takes its toll on the body, especially in a foundry like where I work, where many workers are on oxygen tanks in their retirement.

I could have gone to college and had a better job, but I chose to work here and they kept me around. Many UAW retirees do volunteer work in their communities, which they wouldn't be able to do if it weren't for GM being a good provider. Much of the problem in this country isn't the hard-working people who have made it great. It's the greed.

Remember, we overpaid auto workers pay taxes and serve our country in the military. I, and most of my union brothers, want to see GM do well — for ourselves and for this great country that has allowed freedom to be successful. Thank you for listening to just another number.
Richard Dougal
Defiance, OH

End Of An Era

Thank you Mr. Winter for saying what most white-collar workers have been thinking for decades. I have sympathy for UAW workers because I don't know how I could handle such a big cut in pay and benefits. But I agree it is not realistic to expect those levels of benefits to continue forever.

I also worked summers in auto plants while in college. I made more money in an unskilled UAW position than I did in a pseudo-management role, which just doesn't make sense in any industry, in any country, or in any economic condition.
Name withheld

Hybrids Not For All

Bill McCalla's letter (see WAW — Oct. '05, p.7) about comparing the best fuel economy of V-8-engined vehicles with the worst economy of hybrids misses every point the author was making.

The way the vehicle is used must be considered. I, and many of my co-workers, drive only two to three miles in the city and then drive 30 to 40 interstate miles with the cruise control on to get to work. More than 90% of our driving is in a situation where a hybrid gets its lowest fuel mileage.

I lived in Raleigh, NC, while going to college, and there I would want a hybrid for the fuel economy. But in my present situation, the way I drive, a higher priced hybrid with lower gas mileage would be a waste. Bill might not agree, but away from the city, we DO drive on cruise control all the time.
James Ledbetter, CQE
Morganton, NC

Pubic Outcry

This is in regard to “Hustling Civic Output” (see WAW — Oct. '05, p.33), in which I, along with some fellow Honda of America Mfg. workers, am pictured. We were excited to see ourselves in Ward's AutoWorld, however, the caption lists the location as the East Liberty, OH, plant.

As you can see, we are working on engines, and they are built at the Anna Engine Plant in Anna, OH. Not a big deal, but then I found a misspelled word in the middle column that should read public and instead reads pubic. What a hoot! All of us are very interested in seeing a pubic clamor for fuel-efficient cars. Please let us know when that happens.
Stephanie Brosher
(the one in the purple hat)
Anna, OH

Editor's Note: Reporting all types of automotive clamor is our mission. Sorry for the typo.

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