“Chevrolet! I mean, its one of the best brands in the world. I mean it's a c-a-a-a-a-a-r brand. I mean, who doesn't want to participate in the next Corvette or C/K (pickup truck)?”
Bryan Nesbitt, chief designer of the popular Chrysler PT Cruiser, who jumped ship to join GM as chief designer for its Chevrolet Division.

“This partnership is a lot like a marriage - we're finally going to make it work.”
John Hawkins, president of the Metro Auto Group in Montclair, CA and chairman of an AIADA technology committee, predicting improved OEM-dealer relationships because of a greater need to share more consumer data.

“Trying to find the right technology is like always searching for the next ‘Big Bertha’ that will add 15 yards to my drive - it might send me 30 yards farther into the woods, but hey, I'll deal with that later!”
Steven Polk, chairman and CEO of R.L. Polk & Company, illustrating that technology, like golf equipment, is useless if used improperly.