“When I saw Hondas and Toyotas on residual loss lists, I thought, ‘Man, what have we done?’”
William Jensen, Banc One's vice president of dealer affairs, on off-lease vehicles' residual losses.

“If you say it, it's a damn lie because you're a car salesman; but if it's online, it must be true.”
Paul Rogers, The Cobalt Group's senior training manager, on the public's willingness to believe information on the Internet, but disbelieve info from car salespersons.

“There is no better lesson learned than the one learned out behind the woodshed. And we learned ours.”
Andre Iorgulescu, Autodaq's vice president of business development, on the stinging criticism his company's business model received following its launch in 1999. It's since changed.

“There's a pecking order to everything.”
University of Detroit Marketing Professor Michael Bernacchi on Ford Motor Co.'s plan to erect billboards covered with birdseed. The plan is for birds to eat away the seeds, revealing a ’02 Explorer ad.