“Nasser came out in a $1,000 suit and tie and stood stiffly. I don't think he was ever comfortable with the dealers. Nick came out in a short-sleeve shirt, no tie, looking a little rumpled. He said, ‘I want to tell you how sorry I am about the things we've done.’ Talk about music to your ears.”
Jerry Reynolds, outgoing chairman of Ford's national dealer council, on the differences between former Ford CEO Jacques Nasser and new COO Nick Scheele when the two appeared at a dealer convention this year.

“Well, we'll probably have to pay our staff a higher salary.”
Karlheinz Bauer, president, Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design in Irvine, CA, on the effect Premier Automotive Group's move to Irvine will have on area design centers.

“We've already been to this movie. It's nothing we haven't seen before.”
Tim Deese, president of Progressive Basics, Inc, a dealership training company, comparing the glut of used cars flooding the marketplace this fall to what happened in 1983 when the prime lending rate tanked.