43 Years Ago Think run-flat tires are new? In June 1957 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. unveils its "Captive-Air" tire featuring an airtight inner chamber, which, in the event of a blowout, permits continued travel for at least 100 miles. The Captive-Air Safety Shield replaces nylon with steel cord. Six years earlier, Goodyear produced its 500 millionth tire.

Elsewhere on the safety front, the head of Cornell Medical College's vehicle crash injury investigation program declares that "safety" door latches on 1956 models have cut the chances of doors opening in a crash by 50%. However, an American Medical Assn. panel declares the new style wraparound windshield "a hazard of the first magnitude."

Meanwhile, in testimony before a Congressional committee, the National Automobile Dealers Assn. blames "unethical" merchandising practices and poor car service on high-pressure merchandising tactics of manufacturers.

The trade group declares that because of pressure from the manufacturers "there are hundreds of thousands more new cars in the hands of new-car dealers than there are ready customers to buy them."

30 Years Ago In 1970, the United Auto Workers union is embroiled in an internal power struggle between Vice Presidents Leonard Woodcock and Douglas A. Fraser to succeed the legendary Walter P. Reuther as union president. Mr. Reuther and his wife May had died in a private plane crash on their way to the union's retreat at Black Lake in northern Michigan.

Mr. Woodcock became president on a 13-to-12 vote of the union's Executive Board. Less than four months later he led the UAW in a 67-day contract strike against General Motors Corp. in the U.S. and Canada to win, among other significant benefits, the "30 and out" retirement program that Mr. Reuther had promised members shortly before his death.

18 Years Ago In June 1982, General Motors Corp. Group Vice President in charge of Technical Staffs, Alex B. Mair, proposes what will become Saturn Corp. The recommendation comes after a study of a 1981 report showing Isuzu Motors Ltd. with a 2:1 cost advantage over Chevrolet Div. in small car production.

As a result of Mr. Mair's recommendation, the world's largest automaker on June 15 establishes a "small-car project" at Advanced Engineering Staff. A month later the name Saturn is chosen for the project in honor of the rocket that propelled American astronauts to the moon in 1969.