Windows-Based Software for Selecting Products

Hose and Fittings InPHorm, the first Windows-based software created to select hose, tube and fittings products, is being introduced by Parker Hannifin's Fluid Connectors Group. Hose and Fittings InPhorm includes products from three of Parker's divisions - Hose Products, Parflex and Tube Fittings. The new software contains product information and can generate a dimensioned CAD drawing of a selected product. InPHorm can then add the part to a quote sheet for logging product selection. Key features of the software include: On-line user manual and help system; direct part number entry for quick product selection; complete product summary reports that can be tailor-made for specific customers; quote sheet for logging product selection; fully parametric, customized CAD file output in DWG (R12), DXF, HPGL and IGES; complete technical references for product selections; customized distributor information file. Ward's Info No. 190

LNP Announces High Flow Composites

LNP announces the introduction of a new, high-impact 30% glass-fiber reinforced nylon 6 composite called Thermotuf PF-1006 HI EP. Designated EP for "exceptional processing," and containing a proprietary set of additives, this new composite offers superior surface finish, higher melt flow, greatly reduced cycle times, and lower mold and stock temperatures than other standard nylon 6 resins. LNP says the new composite offers more than 50% greater impact strength over a standard glass-fiber reinforced nylon 6. And, because it is an easy flow material, cycle times are greatly reduced, resulting in higher productivity and significant cost savings for both processors and OEMS. Ward's Info No. 191

Five-Axis Laser With Zero Load/Unload Time

Prima U.S. Inc., introduces two major new enhancements of its Rapido 5 five-axis laser cutting systems. The first is a new, exclusive split-cabin design that doubles part-cutting productivity by allowing continuous cutting of parts with no lost time for part loading and unloading in production-cutting applications. The second is a new flat-screen technology on the new Primach 900 CNC control that offers dramatically increased programming and operating performance. Prima says the new PC-based Primach controller offers improved screen formats for easier interaction with the laser, provides for improved machine accelerations, allows on-line diagnostics and on-board program storage and is fully LAN (Local Area Network) connectable. Ward's Info No. 192

MacNeal-Schwendler Software Predicts NVH

The MacNeal-Schwendler Corp. (MSC) has announced the re- lease of MSC/NVH_Manager, a complete simulation process manager product for analyzing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in automobiles, heavy trucks, and agricultural equipment. MSC/NVH_Manager is the first product to come out of MSC's newly formed automotive group. With products like MSC/NVH_Manager, a complete vehicle with body, powertrain, and suspension is available for quick "what if" analysis. The company says users can easily manipulate the creation and modification of key vehicle parameters necessary for an accurate NVH simulation. Key vehicle information such as hard-point locations, bushing/mount isolator rates and orientations, and component masses are easily created and modified. MSC/NVH_Manager automatically generates a full vehicle system model, checks the data, applies dynamic loads, submits the job, and plots or animates the results within an integrated user interface. Ward's Info No. 193

Engelhard Purifier Cuts NG Emissions

Engelhard Corp. has introduced an improved line of TWX air purifiers developed specifically for industrial users of four-stroke, rich-burn, natural gas engines to address their need for a proven, cost-effective method of reducing emissions without diminishing the overall performance of the engine. The purifier can be used with most commercially available air/fuel ratio control systems, is guaranteed to reduce NOx by more than 90% and CO by more than 80%, and can be customized to achieve even higher performance levels, says the company. The catalyst can also be used for NOx reduction without air/fuel ratio control and can still achieve reductions of 50% or more. The purifier catalyst is manufactured using a patented Engelhard catalyst technology that preferentially locates the precious metal components within the coating, maximizing conversion efficiency and performance. Units can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical orientation, are available in a variety of sizes, and were primarily designed for older engines, gas compressors, generators and other continuous operating devices in industrial use. Ward's Info No. 194

Rofin-Sinar Intros Higher Output Laser

Rofin-Sinar Inc. of Plymouth, MI, introduces a new laser model with "more power" as a member of its RS 800HF family of CO systems. The RS 880HF provides 8kW power output, complementing the existing 4kW and 6kW models, and includes the design and construction features of the high-frequency series that has established enhanced standards for reliability and maintainability of industrial processing lasers. The RS 80HF is ideally suited to welding applications requiring fast processing speeds along with deep penetration. Like the other models in the series, it is guaranteed to achieve its rated 8kW-power output and, for flexibility, can typically operate in the 1kW to 8kW range, says the company. Although the output power has been increased, the new model's footprint is no larger than the 6kW version. Ward's Info No. 195