Transom Releases New Version of Human Simulation Software

Transom Technologies, Inc. recently announced a new release of its industry leading human modeling and simulation software. Transom Jack 2.0 features support for new platforms including Intel PCs running Windows NT, web and network links, significantly improved file translation, an intuitive graphical user interface, and major enhancements to the human figure. Transom Jack is used in various industries to improve the ergonomics of product designs and refine manual workflow and safety in the workplace. Users create or import environments, insert virtual humans, give them tasks and evaluate their performance. Jack digital humans communicate with engineers in such a way that allows organizations to design safer, more effective products faster and for less cost. Jack 2.0 is network- and web-enabled, and provides more powerful data translation.

Mazak Quick Turn-6T CNC Turning Center

Designed to meet high-productivity demands, Mazak Corp.'s Quick Turn 6T turning center with gantry loader excels in mass production of small, high-precision parts used in the medical equipment, automotive, office automation and computer industries. For part handling, the integral gantry loader uses a double-hand gripper with a self-centering three-jaw grip. A double-hand gripper allows fast unloading and loading of parts for increased production. The grippers can handle any shaped bar stock in diameters from 0. 79 ins. to 3.1 ins. and up to 2.3 ins. in length weighing up to 1.1 lbs. (0. 5 kg).

Exxon Mytex Helps Body Side Moldings Resist Gouges

Exxon Chemical, a division of Exxon Corp., has introduced a thermoplastic poly-olefin (TPO) manufactured by Mytex Polymers, a joint venture of Exxon Chemical Co. and Mitsubishi Chemical Co., used in body side moldings for the Ford Expedition and Mercury Mountaineer. The new TPO protects these popular SUVs against gouging. The unique Mytex TPO was developed specifically to "hang on" to paint. In addition to improved painted part robustness, this product improved other TPO performance properties such as low-temperature impact resistance and toughness, dimensional stability and controlled CLTE, says Exxon. This Mytex metallocene-modified TPO is compatible with one- and two-component conventional exterior TPO paint systems (high-gloss or matte finishes).

BASF Introduces New Air Intake Manifold

Jaguar's XK8 sports car has a lightweight, high-performance nylon air intake manifold with a molded-in fuel rail. The composite air intake manifold/fuel rail is on Jaguar's all-new AJV8 engine. Siemens Automotive's Powertrain Air Induction Operation in Telford, England, makes the nylon air intake manifold/fuel rail for Jaguar using the fusible-core injection molding (FCIM) technique. Molded of BASF's glass fiber reinforced Ultramid, A3HG7 black 2056 type 66 nylon resin, the Jaguar air intake manifold, with its molded-in fuel rail, weighs about 8 pounds, or 50% less than what a similar design made of pressure-cast aluminum would weigh. BASF's A3HG7 black 2056 nylon resin is formulated to resist engine temperatures and attack from oil, gasoline and battery vapors. Further, the nylon manifold can withstand engine vibration stresses and reduces engine noise.

Instron's FastTrack8800 Test Systems

Instron Corp. announces its new FastTrack family of servo-hydraulic software and testers for testing the fatigue life and durability of materials and components. The new FastTrack 8800 test systems are developed for a wide variety of industries including aerospace and automotive.

X-Rite has Windows 95-Based Color Software

X-Rite, Inc. has introduced QA-Lite, a Windows 95-based quality assurance software package for displaying, analyzing, and storing spectral color data. The software is designed to help quality assurance professionals ensure that color specifications are being accurately maintained, from raw materials, through production, to finished products. Developed as a replacement for its DOS-based SpectroStart software, X-Rite claims QA-Lite brings a new level of sophistication to entry-level color quality assurance software by offering advanced functions not available with any other software in its price range.