Most people like to do business where they feel welcome. Going to a store and having a clerk ask if you've found everything you need, rather than the customary "thank you" from the cashier when you leave, is very appreciated by most.

What do you do to make certain that every employee in your dealership is doing his or her part to promote the most "customer friendly" atmosphere possible? Does every customer get the impression that this is a dealership in which they are really welcome and their business is appreciated?

One simple tool to accomplish this is the 10-Foot Rule. Simply stated, every employee is expected to acknowledge with a smile and a verbal greeting every customer with whom they come in contact. Simple, it's the 10-Foot Rule. As an employee, if they come within 10 feet of a customer, it's their responsibility to follow the 10-Foot Rule.

Implement the 10-Foot Rule in your store. We all like to do business in a friendly atmosphere where we feel welcome. That's the impression every one of your customers will receive.