The model year has hardly begun and already Porsche is sold out of its new 911 Turbo, despite a base price of $115,000. Is this a great economy or what?

Actually, that price is a bargain for a genuine "supercar:" 415 hp, 0-to-60 mph in 4 seconds, all-wheel drive and a stability control system.

Later in the year, the German automaker will release the GT 2, a rear-drive version with 460 hp.

But much of the year will be spent to counting down to Porsche's upcoming sport/utility vehicle (SUV), the less-than-awe-inspiring-named Cayenne.

Look, if you're selling Porsche, you're probably not reading this - your butler's doing the reading for you. Finally, a payoff for the "lean" years, huh? With the ridiculously hot Turbo and the all-new SUV just around the corner, tell Jeeves it's safe to stock up on the Dom Perignon.