AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENT HOLDINGS inks a memorandum of understanding to sell off another of its former Ford/Visteon parts-making plants, Ward's learns.

The buyer prefers to remain anonymous, says spokeswoman Della DiPietro, who declines to reveal which facility is involved.

The sale would reduce the number of remaining ACH plants to three, down from 17 when the umbrella group was formed in 2005, she says.

ACH, composed of orphaned manufacturing plants and other facilities Ford acquired from former subsidiary Visteon, recently completed the sale of its Milan, MI, facility to supplier Inergy Automotive Systems.

Of the remaining three production operations, ACH's Indianapolis Plant, which manufactures hydraulic steering components, will be shuttered within a year, DiPietro says.

Other facilities still operated by ACH include a plant in Sandusky, OH, that makes exterior lighting components; a climate-control operation in Plymouth, MI; and a factory in Saline, MI, that produces instrument panels and plastic interior components.

All three facilities remain available on the market.