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Frankfurt Auto Show

FRANKFURT – For an extra €600 ($830) on the price of a €150,000 ($208,000) 8C Competizione, Alfa Romeo SpA customers can get a shamrock logo painted on the front fenders, just behind the wheels.

That the symbol of Irish luck seems strange on the 8C’s quintessential Italian design does not occur to brand officials.

A spokesman explains the green shamrock logo, framed by a white triangle, is the mark of Alfa’s racing team, circa 1938.

Inspired by customer interest in personalizing the sold-out 2-seater, which will see the first of its 500-unit production run delivered this month to a customer in Europe, the auto maker is launching the “Unique Alfa” program, says Alfa executive vice-president Antonio Baravalle at the international auto show here.

The program will enable Alfa buyers to personalize their cars with options such as vintage paint colors; premium interior materials, including perfumed leather; and TI (Turismo Internazionale) performance enhancements that include beefed-up brakes and high-performance tires.