Daewoo Motor Co. Ltd.'s second-generation Leganza is slated to come to the U.S. in early '02, and with an all-new, Korea-made powerplant. The new SX6, a 2.5L inline 6-cyl. that will be installed transversely, produces 180 hp. With aluminum cylinders, liners, block and head, the engine is ultra-low-emissions vehicle (ULEV) certified and boasts a high degree of recyclability.

The second-generation Leganza, called the Magnus in Korea, already is on sale in its home country, but only with a 4-cyl. engine.

The holdup to getting the newest incarnation of the Leganza to U.S. shores, Daewoo officials say, is production of the new I-6. Since Korea largely doesn't need or use 6-cyl. engines, building them is not a high priority.