Mercedes-Benz AG presents the first official photograph of the upcoming 2003 SL roadster, which replaces the current-generation SL line after more than a decade on the road.

The all-new SL will incorporate two prime features: a folding hardtop — mimicking the design used by today''s SLK — and the world-first use of electrohydraulic brakes for a production passenger vehicle. The Robert Bosch GmbH-designed braking system uses decentralized electronic control of individual hydraulically activated disc brakes at each wheel and gets rid of the today''s central brake booster.

The new Bosch system offers several notable advances, including “active” cornering enhancement, a unique “pre-loading” setup that predicts braking applications to enable quicker activation and an automatic function to imperceptibly apply the brakes at intervals to keep the pads dry in wet conditions, guaranteeing consistent performance.

First models will be SL500, carrying Mercedes'' 5L SOHC V-8 that, for the SL application, produces 302 hp.