American Axle & Mfg. unveils several new technologies to further expand the company's market reach, including SmartBar, an electronically actuated stabilizer module designed to maximize sport/utility vehicle (SUV) off-road performance. SmartBar employs an integrated electronic control module to disengage the stabilizer bar, allowing full wheel travel on rough terrain, and it can be driver and/or automatically activated. It will appear in 2002 on an '03 all-terrain “aggressive” SUV by a Detroit-based automaker. Also showcased were front- and rear-end driveline and chassis suspension modules. American Axle has put together a prototype of the systems using a Jeep Grand Cherokee and is developing similar setups using a Chevrolet Tahoe, GMT360 platform and a Chrysler 300M. No volume modular production programs are under way, but American Axle is bidding on a few projects for the 2004-2006 time frame.