The Idaho Auto Auction KO'd conventionality with an off-beat promotion dubbed the "1st Annual "Big-Ass Smoker" sale featuring a fight night in Boise.

More than 600 dealers and guests attended three professional fights and a special dealer grudge match in a ring set up in the auction facility's lot.

In the professional pairings, Cleveland "The Warrior" Corder, IBA Junior Middleweight Champion of the World, knocked out Scott Landon in the third round. Shane Stoddard of Boise and Kelly Walley of Cedar City, UT were also victors in unanimous decisions.

The "main event" pitted dealer against dealer, as Frank "The Bull" Lisotta of Reno battled Rick "Stone Cold" Stonehocker of Salt Lake City.

After four rounds of the knock-down, drag out slugfest, Frank "The Bull" earned a split-decision over "Stone Cold" Stonehocker.

"I have a new respect for Stonehocker and for boxers everywhere," says Mr. Lisotta.

It was back to business the next day as the Idaho Auto Auction auctioned more than 1,200 vehicles in five lanes during six hours.

"This was the best promotional sale I have ever seen," says Scott Wiliford who attended the two-day event from Reno Toyota.