Audi is reviving its A2 small car as an electric-only concept set for unveil at the Frankfurt auto show later this month.

The show car, which is expected to result in a conventionally powered production model for 2013, is 149.6 ins. (380.0 cm) long and 66.5 ins. (169.0 cm) wide and carries four people.

Headlamps consist of what Audi calls “the next phase” in light-emitting-diode technology, incorporating a package of LEDs and microreflectors to produce a high-resolution and non-glaring high-beam light.

Daytime running lights consist of a light-fiber frame around the LED low-beam light module, and rear fog lamps use laser diodes to project a red triangle onto the road to warn approaching drivers of the car in their path. Brake lights increase intensity during panic stops.

The A2’s roof consists of a dark glass panel that becomes transparent at the push of a button.

Sensors automatically unlock the doors in response to a gesture made by the owner as he approaches the car.

Audi uses a new, ribbed polyurethane material with a neoprene surface feel to cover the door inners. Seat frames are made of blow-molded plastic.

The auto maker does not provide details on the car’s powertrain.