Domestic auto makers dominate the top picks in Autobytel Inc.'s fifth annual Editor's Choice Awards.

Here are the '08 model-year winners in major categories and why Autobytel's editors and analysts say they picked them:

Car of the Year and Best New Entry Luxury Car Under $40,000: Cadillac CTS. The second-generation features edgy style, world-class interior and extraordinary performance. It is a living testament to how serious General Motors Corp. has become about new products.

Truck of the Year and Best New Pickup: Ford Super Duty. The redesigned model offers incredible towing and hauling capabilities, as well as a mind-bending menu of body styles, trim levels and powertrain options. This truck performs so competently it can make popular light-duty pickups seem like golf carts.

Utility Vehicle of the Year and Best New Luxury Utility Vehicle Under $75,000: Buick Enclave. Buick has aspired to be truly premium for years and with the Enclave it has achieved that. In a veritable sea of new crossovers, Enclave is handsome inside and out with a near-silent ride, lots of cargo capacity and superb comfort. All those consumers shopping Asian and European crossovers now have a compelling reason to think, yes, Buick.

Hybrid of the Year: Chevy Tahoe Hybrid/GMC Yukon Hybrid. When a hybrid is tough enough for off-roading, seats eight, is capable of towing at least 6,000 lbs., offers 4-wheel-drive, a low-range transfer case, and also achieves an estimated 22-mpg, awards are in order.

Best Kept Secret and Best New Wagon: Kia Rondo. Call it what you will, mini-minivan or crossover sport wagon, Kia's practical little Rondo has unjustly flown under too many people's radar. With flexible 7-passenger seating, a long warranty, powertrain options and a base price under twenty grand, Rondo uniquely delivers up the versatility and passenger-toting a family seeks in a minivan, but in a smaller, nimbler, more affordable package.

Best Car for Teen Drivers: Honda Civic. This is the second year in a row the compact Civic has won this one. Known for its reliability but still fun to drive, this stylish car pleases both teens and their parents.