Only four global automobile companies made the list of 100 publicly traded companies making up the Dow Jones Global Titans Index.

Toyota Motor Corp., DaimlerChrysler AG, Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. are included in the index, which is based on both the companies' value as determined by the stock market, and by their global spread, with at least 40% of revenues made outside the home market.

The automobile industry is the largest manufacturing industry represented in the index, but collectively, the four automakers represent only 5.4% of the new index, well behind technology (17.9%), telecommunications (16.1%), petrochemicals (12.0%), finance (11.2%), and pharmaceuticals (7.4%).

Dow Jones developed the list to help investors track companies against the background of a global marketplace. “Over the course of the 21st Century, the titans will dominate the world economy,” says Dow Jones executive Michael Petronella.

Toyota is the most important automaker in the list, with 2.1% of the index made up by its shares. It is followed DC (1.5%) Ford (1.0%) and GM (0.7%). Siemens AG, whose activities include supplying automotive electronics, is also on the list (0.8%).

Investors don't like automotive stocks because the business is capital intensive, and profits are not high. This has forced industry consolidation, and 14 of the top 20 automakers in 1965 have disappeared in mergers and acquisitions since then.

Microsoft is No. 1 on the Global Titans Index, accounting itself for 8.09% of its total.