General Motors Corp. should pay more attention to Chevrolet, its flagship division, says Michael Jackson, CEO of AutoNation Inc., the nation's largest dealership chain.

He's baffled GM has tried to bolster weaker brands, such as Buick and Saturn, by giving them preferential treatment with new-product infusions — at the expense of Chevrolet.

“You don't treat your strongest brand like that,” Jackson says, in response to a question by Ward's Dealer Business Editor Steve Finlay, on the TV show “Autoline Detroit with John McElroy.”

Chevrolet should get all new products first, he says, emphasizing that other brands ultimately should get their own derivations.

“Being the oldest child has its privileges,” Jackson says of Chevrolet although, technically, Buick, founded in 1901, is 10 years older than Chevy.

AutoNation has more Chevrolet franchises than any other GM brand, Jackson acknowledges.