Chrysler Corp. hikes its 1997-model prices by a modest-sounding 1.9%, or $422 per vehicle when contrasted with comparably equipped 1996 models. And General Motors Corp. says its '97 model prices will be, on average, 1.7% higher, or $394 a vehicle. But Chrysler's upscale Town & Country minivan will be priced 11%, or $2,695 higher, at $26,600. The base price on a Dodge Grand Caravan ES will rise 9%, or $2,210, while the top-of-the-line Plymouth Grand Voyager SE increases 6%, or $1,160 from a year ago. A major reason: the sliding driver-side door is now standard on premium trim level packages. Remember Chrysler's boast that it would make money on the Neon? Well, base prices for the '97 Neon will jump between 6% and 9% from a year ago. Also look for all automakers to standardize commonly ordered features, such as air conditioning, that previously have been optional.