Mitsubishi’s Pajero – version still to be determined – to be assembled in Iran.

Iran’s Bahman Group inks an agreement with Mitsubishi Motors Corp. for local assembly of the Mitsubishi Pajero SUV.

The company also will represent Mitsubishi in Iran as importer of built-up vehicles.

Assembly of the Mitsubishi Pajero is slated to start at Bahman Motors Center, a car-assembly plant owned 100% by the Bahman Group, in summer 2004. There is no final decision on which version of the Pajero will be made in Iran, and output of a previous-generation model has not been ruled out.

Bahman Motors began assembly of Vespa 3-wheelers in 1969 and switched to Mazda Motors Corp. pickup trucks in 1971.

Bahman currently assembles Mazda 323 cars and earlier-generation B2000 pickups, and that work isn’t expected to go away as a result of the Mitsubishi deal.

About 9,000 Mazdas were assembled in the previous Iranian year (Aug. 21, 2002 – Aug. 20, 2003) and output continues to increase. Plans call for assembly of 16,000 vehicles in the current Iranian year, including 6,000 323s and 10,000 B2000s. With the addition of the Mitsubishi Pajero, volume will increase to 24,000 units in the following year, Bahman says.