Proof that the competition is heating up between Dana Corp. and American Axle & Mfg. Inc. became clear last month as each company tried to outdo the other in announcing the most new business in a single week. AAM will supply front and rear driveshafts for the all-new heavy-duty Dodge Ram fullsize pickup — the first time AAM will produce driveshafts for Chrysler Group. AAM displaces Dana for the business.

AAM also wins a contract to supply all-wheel drive front and rear axles and front and rear driveshafts for a future General Motors Corp. light-duty sport/utility truck. Dana, smarting from the loss of Ram axle business to AAM, responds with two significant wins of its own. Dana's Traction Technologies Group will supply front and rear axles for three future Land Rover sport/utilities.

Dana also will supply torque management systems (driveshaft assemblies) and “complete structural solutions” (frames) for a future pickup platform, believed to be the Chevrolet Colorado, which replaces S-10. The contract is worth $600 million to Dana over the life of the contract, with volumes approaching 300,000 units annually.