VIENNA – Bentley Moscow, Russia’s only Bentley Motors Ltd. dealer, opens its second showroom in March.

Bentley Moscow is owned by Mercury Automotive Div.

“Thanks to the extensive investments of the Mercury group, we now have the opportunity to present the Bentley brand in yet another magnificent and outstanding surrounding,” says Bentley Chairman and CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen.

The new showroom is located in the Barvikha Luxury Village, a street lined with luxury boutiques situated in Barvikha, an elite neighborhood just outside Moscow. The showroom exterior is executed in the same architectural style of Barvikha Luxury Village.

“Russia is one of our most important markets and I am looking forward to a promising continuation of our cooperation with Bentley Moscow,” Paefgen says.

In 2005, Bentley Moscow collected some 200 orders and delivered 167 cars to buyers, making Russia Bentley’s third-largest market in Continental Europe behind Germany and Switzerland. The company expects 300 orders for this year.

The opening of a Bentley showroom in St. Petersburg is expected in late 2006 or early 2007.

Mercury Automotive Div. also is responsible for the distribution of Ferrari SpA, Maserati SpA and Automobili Lamborghini SpA cars. About 30 Ferrari and 60 Maserati were sold last year.

In addition to the current Ferrari and Maserati dealership in Moscow, both brands also will be represented in the Barvikha Luxury Village in the future.

Moscow’s first Lamborghini dealership is to be opened in April.