Sales of medium- and heavy-duty trucks continued at a strong pace in Canada in July, though the 31.8% growth recorded over year-ago was not as robust as June’s 54.1% gain.

Combined Class 4-8 deliveries totaled 3,011 units for the month, up from 2,373 in like-2010. June saw big-truck makers seal the deal on 3,921 units.

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Class 8 accounted for the majority of volume, with sales totaling 1,903 trucks, a 35.4% jump from year-ago’s 1,460.

Daimler (46.7%), PACCAR (29.3%) and Volvo (85.3%) all posted healthy double-digit increases, while International gained 2.6% on a daily-rate basis despite selling four fewer units.

Classes 5 and 6 continue to drive the medium-duty sector, posting increases of 62.2% and 154.8%, respectively. International accounted for most of the rise in Class 6 sales, with deliveries hitting 128 units in July, up 146.2% from year-ago’s 54.

Class 4 deliveries slid 3.4% to 133 trucks, while Class 7 plunged 17.9% to 302.

Through the first seven months, medium- and heavy-duty sales total 20,326, up 29.4% from like-2010’s pace.