NEW YORK – A BMW M Coupe that is even faster than the M Roadster or the M3 debuts at the New York International Auto Show here.

Like the new Z4 Coupe, it will be built at BMW AG’s Spartanburg, SC, plant and exported to global markets.

Tom Purves, chairman and CEO of BMW of North America, says the Z4 Coupe is $40,795; the M Coupes starts at $49,995.

Purves says BMW sales are off to a fast start this year. Year-to-date sales of BMW brand vehicles are up 10.8% in the first quarter to 72,588 units, according to Ward's data.

First-quarter sales of the 3-Series are up 27.6% over year-ago, when the predecessor model was on sale, according to Ward's.

Purves says the new M5 sports sedan showed a sales increase of 75% over the previous generation, and the average transaction price for the vehicle soared. Though the new 3-Series is priced only $150 more than its predecessor, the average transaction price is $1,500 higher.

BMW buyers are spending more on options and this has spurred an increase in revenue to $672 million from $280 million last year. The M5 also saw its average transaction price skyrocket from $72,300 to $92,614 in the first quarter.

Total revenue increased from $72 million to more than $160 million.