BMW U.K. marks a significant milestone in its history, reaching the 2 million-unit mark in sales a little more than 31 years after selling its first vehicle in the U.K.

The first car sold in the U.K., on Jan. 1, 1980, was an E12 5-Series sedan. The 2 millionth was a BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo.

Steve Mills, Benham BMW dealer principal, says in a statement the sale was a gain for BMW, as the buyer previously had driven a Volkswagen Phaeton and a Mercedes before that.

BMW says the 5-Series range has been one of the most popular cars in the auto maker’s history, selling 5,839,866 worldwide since its launch.

Since the 5-Series Gran Turismo was introduced in the U.K. at the end of 2009, nearly 2,500 units have been sold, with the 530d GT proving the most popular.