Robert Bosch Corp. is preparing to launch four corner module projects in the next three years, and three of the recipient platforms are sport/utility vehicles. The first launches soon for the 2002 model year. At least one of the contracts involves both the front and rear modules.

The corner module includes the hub, rotor, brake caliper, splash shield and bearing. The knuckle also is included, but it is produced by a different supplier. Bosch will assemble the corner modules at its plant in Clarksville, TN. No new construction is necessary.

Also, within the next four years, Bosch will launch its first integrated engine management system on a high-volume gasoline engine for passenger cars in the United States, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Bosch says the engine will comply with the world's strictest emissions target: California's Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEV) standard.

Bosch already produces electronic controller units (ECUs) for engines. For the engine management system, Bosch also will supply more than 20 individual components, including the fuel injectors, oxygen sensors, spark plugs and air intake manifold.

Bosch engineers will work at multiple levels with the automaker powertrain engineers to determine key performance characteristics. Engineers at the company's technical center in Farmington Hills, MI, will lead the program.