SAO PAULO — Brazil truck sales in the first four months surpassed market expectations of a 10% growth. Sales totaled 18,800 units, including domestically produced and imported trucks, up 20% from like-period last year.

The sector expects to sell 58,000 units of domestic and imported trucks. Manufacturers, however, are cautious about increasing production, even though they have not reached maximum capacity.

Ricardo Alouche, commercial operations manager at Volkswagen AG's truck division, says his company has a waiting list of new vehicle orders. The company produces 65 trucks per day but plans to increase the number to 85.

AB Volvo recorded an 8% increase in domestic sales, totaling 1,200 units. The Swedish truckmaker has increased exports to Chile by 30%, selling more than 100 trucks to that country, says Nilton Miera, marketing director of Volvo Brazil. “We expect to maintain this pace for domestic sales,” he says. “The company has invested US$300 million in the modernization of its plant.”

Mercedes-Benz's truck division, meanwhile, recorded a 41% increase in sales, totaling 6,900 vehicles and increasing market share to 40% from 33%. Scania AB, however, recorded an 8% drop in sales, totaling 1,411 units, while its market share fell from 33% to 29%.