February sales of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in Canada continued the decline with which they started the year. Sales of 1,793 in February represent a decline of 19.5% from the 2,227 Class 4-8 rigs in like-2001. Year-to-date, the falloff is 16.1%.

Heavy-duty (Class 8) deliveries decreased 27.1% to 1,076 units from year-ago’s 1,477, with much of the falloff from Volvo which recorded a 62.4% drop. Medium-duty (Classes 4-7) sales fell a comparatively small 4.4% (717 from 750), but the decline for the first two months of the year is a larger 14.7%.

Declines were posted for Class 4 (-1.4%), Class 5 (-7.5%) and Class 7 (-8.5%). The aberration was Class 6, which posted a 29.2% increase in February sales.

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