A drop in Big Three car and truck demand led to a 5.6% decline in total vehicle sales in Canada during October, as deliveries hit 113,356, down from 120,113 year-ago (see data p.2).

Total passenger car sales fell just 1.1% for the month on a daily rate basis (26 selling days both periods), totaling 63,125. But Big Three car sales were down 5.9%, despite a 10.4% gain at Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. General Motors of Canada Ltd. suffered the biggest decline, with deliveries off 12.4% from like-1999. Asian makes enjoyed a 5.2% increase, though Toyota Canada Inc. sales fell 10.8%. European car sales were down 2.8%.

Total truck sales — including some estimates for medium- and heavy-duties — hit 50,231, off 10.8% from like-1999's 56,311. Big Three sales fell 12.4%, with only DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc. posting a small (1.0%) gain. Asian-brand sales were down 5.9%.