Non-Detroit auto makers boosted light-vehicle sales in Canada in November to a slight 0.8% gain on year-ago on a daily-rate basis (25 days vs. 26 last year), marking the first time in 2009 monthly demand outpaced like-2008.

Canada hasn’t posted a positive year-over-year comparison in daily sales since September 2008.

Asian-based companies recorded a combined 18.5% rise, while European brands enjoyed a 22.5% jump, offsetting a 27.0% decline at General Motors of Canada Ltd. and 23.3% drop at Chrysler Canada Inc.

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Suzuki Canada Inc. was the only other auto maker to trail year-ago results, with sales off 20.6% for the month.

Volume brands recording gains of more than 30% were Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Toyota and Audi.

Car sales led the month, rising 3.7% from year-ago and offsetting a 1.9% dip in light-truck demand.

Total November deliveries of 101,771 light vehicles pushed 2009 volume to 1,347,533, down 12.5% from like-2008.