California's Air Resources Board (CARB) Chairman John Dunlop III says his agency won't rush to reveal its decision on a 2% electric vehicle (EV) mandate for the '98 model year, even though carmakers apparently have passed their deadline to tool up for production. Mr. Dunlop says CARB won't issue its decision until February or March (see T&T, p.69). In a presentation at the recent Global Electric Vehicles Conference and Summit Meeting in Arlington, VA, (sponsored by five Intertec Publishing Co. magazines including WAW), Mr. Dunlop says he believes the long-term benefits of EVs are soundly based but that he would be willing to grant more flexibility if needed. Meantime, Chrysler signs a three-year, $80 million deal with Electrosource Inc. to buy the supplier's Horizon advanced lead-acid batteries. Another EV development worth noting is the unveiling by Chrysler and Ford of a prototype of the conductive charging system the automakers will use for their production EVs. GM revealed its charging unit several years ago.