CarDay Inc., the first of its kind brick-and-click online exchange for used vehicles, has partnered with the Planet Automotive Group and Dah Chong Hong USA (DCH USA).

Planet and DCH each generate more than $1 billion a year in revenue. Over the coming months, the groups will house and operate CarDay franchises in approximately 30 of their dealerships throughout New York and New Jersey as well as in other major markets.

CarDay incorporates a network of franchised automotive dealers for private buyers and sellers,

Under the agreement, New York City-based CarDay offers consumers pre-owned vehicles from DCH and Planet.

Dealerships conduct CarDay's 110-point inspection on each of their cars available on the site and each dealership will serve as a CarDay "Certification Center" guaranteeing buyers a high-quality selection of used vehicles.

By year-end, CarDay expects to have 100 certifications centers in the Northeast.

The company already has partnered with other established megadealers in the Northeast including: Burdick Auto Group in Syracuse, NY; Holtz House of Vehicles in Rochester, NY; Northtown Automotive Companies in Amherst, NY; Sussman Automotive Group in southern New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA; Ira Motor Group in Danvers, MA; and Inskip Automotive Group in Middletown, RI.

"Since the beginning, CarDay has been built for dealers on the belief that no volume of used-car transactions can happen online without the fulfillment of a franchised auto dealer," says dealer Joseph Shaker, president of CarDay. "Sellers have payoffs and buyers need to finance. That's why we have partnered with the highest quality dealers like DCH and Planet."